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Priscilla is the brilliant heart and soul who founded Dog Dude Ranch in 2010. With life-long compassion for animals, she decided that there had to be a better way for dogs to stay when their families are away which lead to the creation of Dog Dude Ranch. She wanted to create a vacation experience where the dogs have as much fun as their own vacationing family. 

With her deep and expansive knowledge about dogs, their behaviors, and unique personalities, she created the ranch around the principles of dogs getting to be themselves, make new friends, get fresh air and sunshine and basically have the kind of supervised fun their families want them to have. 

Priscilla's vision and inspiration extends into every facet of the business such as how to best coordinate play groups for maximum enjoyment for the dogs, how to best arrange room assignments so dogs can be with their best friends and even how to manage care for special needs dogs who have medical or physical challenges.

The whole community is so grateful for Priscilla's leadership and vision as she has not only created a beloved way for families to leave their dogs guilt-free, but also to support the rescue animal network in such a profound way. 

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