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What's so different about Dog Dude Ranch?

What's so different about Dog Dude Ranch dog boarding and dog day care?


Dog Dude Ranch

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Over 2 hours of outdoor playtime included in your daily rate

YES! We give your dog between 2 to 5 hours (depending on the weather) of fun dog park play time that is supervised by our dog professionals. Dogs are separated by size, age and personality for extra safety and fun.

NO! Many kennels allow your dog to go out only three brief times a day to relieve themselves. And some charge you extra for playtime. For example, it might cost you an extra $10 for a 30 minute walk.

Natural outdoor grass and lawn

YES! Your dog will play on genuine green grass on 2.5 acres of beautiful outdoor ranch land. This is the softest and most natural play area for your dude.

NO! Most kennels have small play areas, the size of a room at best, that is covered by cement or artificial turf instead of soft natural grass.

Fresh air circulation and ventilation

YES! Fresh air and high-grade ventilation and circulation provides healthy and comfortable sleeping rooms for your dude. This keeps dogs comfortable and healthy!

NO! Fully indoor and enclosed warehouse-style kennels recirculate existing air which can spread germs and illnesses.

Your dog is allowed to sleep with friends so he or she won’t be alone

YES! Your dog is very social and if he or she can’t be with you, the next best place is to be with friends. Your dog never has to be alone as he or she can bunk with a few of his new buddies to keep him company. Your dog doesn’t care about how nicely decorated the room is, he cares about being with others.

NO! Many other boarding facilities keep your dog alone in a small room or crate. This creates a lonely and stressful situation for your dog.

Someone is on the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

YES! There are two homes on the multi-acre property making sure someone is there at all times.

NO! Most other professional dog boarding kennels have staff that leave after closing hours.

Open on Sundays

YES! Dog Dude Ranch is a dog boarding facility that is open Sundays giving you the great flexibility and convenience for what works best for your schedule.

NO! Many other facilities are closed on Sundays.

All breeds and sizes of dogs are allowed and separated accordingly

YES! We have special spaces exclusively for the tiny princess sized dogs and even for the largest of the big dogs. We carefully group dogs by size, age and personality to ensure everyone has a safe and fun playtime with each other.

NO! Many facilities do not have the capability of allowing certain size or breed dogs meaning they may not accept your dog.

Older dogs or dogs with special needs are accepted

YES! We have special care areas for senior citizens or dogs with special needs such as medications or limitations on exercise. We are also able to give medications at any time of day or night as well as to keep a special eye on him or her even after we have closed since we are here 24 hours a day.

NO! Most other kennels are not able to give medications after closing hours or watch your dog through the night.

Has other farm animals including chickens, horses, cats and a pot belly pig

YES! Ok! I know we are stretching here, but yes, we are a real ranch with all kinds of fun and great animals, even a pot belly pig!

NO! Others probably do not have other ranch animals.

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Dog Dude Ranch is your pet’s home away from home. Imagine spending the morning on a ranch socializing with friends, sharing a game or stretching out under an old shady tree. They can romp in cageless, wide-open spaces playing with other friends. Dog day care and dog boarding options are available.


We are a full service, cage-free, dog daycare, and overnight dog boarding retreat. Relax knowing your dog is having fun playing with friends, spending time under the beautiful shade tress and not having to be alone in a cage. We are a western-themed pet resort, that caters to pet lovers from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale! If you seek professional, reliable, cageless boarding for your dog, you have come to the right place!


While a picture is worth a thousand words, no words can adequately describe the Dog Dude Ranch better than video. Watch our videos by clicking here and get the true feel of the fun and joy our dog dudes experience here on the ranch – and don’t forget to click full screen to get the total effect.


Whether you are looking for the best dog day care, pet hotel, pet sitter, pet resort or kennel, Dog Dude Ranch of Miami is the perfect place for your dog. We welcome you to our home and are happy that you came to visit! Have a look around and feel free to give us a call or e-mail if you have any questions.

Dog Dude Ranch Boarding and Day Care Kennel



Priscilla Bakes’ home in Miami’s “Horse Country”  has always been a haven for dogs, large and small, even in the days when her family was breeding and showing horses.


It all started when friends and family began leaving their dogs at our farm for a day of fun or for nighttime sleepovers when leaving town or having a fully scheduled day. Before we knew it, Miami dog owners from far and wide began contacting us looking for a safe, fun, and happy place for their dog’s to hang out while they were busy. And The Dog Dude Ranch was born!


The ranch’s two and a half  private, fully-fenced  shady acres in Miami’s “Horse Country” is  less than 20 minutes from Miami International Airport and is home to daily dog-style rodeos and roundups.


All dogs are grouped by size and temperament so there’s no need to worry about any roughhousing. Instead of a typical boarding facility or kennel type environment, dog’s are now able to enjoy socializing, exercising, playing, and spending the day with their buddies in both indoor and outdoor fenced-in, supervised play areas. We even have sprinklers and misters for the dude’s to cool off  in if they’re up to it!


Click here to see what makes us so different from other dog boarding, dog kennel and dog day care facilities!

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